In light of the current political climate in Haiti, we have adjusted our approach to our service programs. Previously, our focus was on funding and supporting Haiti Medical Project Mobile Medical Clinics. For safety reasons, these mobile clinics are currently paused. We hope this work resumes once it is safe, and in the meantime we are financially supporting other Haiti Medical Project work. 

What we’re doing now:

  • Providing funds to support the Haiti Medical Project in building wells and latrines in Haiti
  • Exploring ways to provide resources and meet the medical needs of Haitians in communities impacted by gang presence

What we hope to do in the future:

  • Resume our support of Haiti Medical Project Mobile Medical Clinics by financially supporting the clinics, assessing community needs, and looking at additional future partnerships
  • Support Haitian community members by supplying clinics with high-demand hygiene items for distribution to patients