Rebecca Dimanche, MD


I am thrilled to be part of Project Piti Pami! 3P is not just a project; it’s a passion, a commitment, and a journey of hope. As a native-born Haitian, being a liaison between this incredible organization and our connections in Haiti feels like coming home in a way. It’s an honor to bridge these worlds and bring vital medical knowledge and resources to my fellow Haitians.

The enthusiasm and energy within Project Piti Pami are contagious. Every day, I wake up excited to be part of something bigger than myself, something that’s making a tangible difference in the lives of people back in Haiti. Whether it’s coordinating shipments of supplies, organizing educational workshops, or simply being a voice for those who need it most, I am fully invested in this cause. Together, we’re not just providing medical aid; we’re nurturing hope, resilience, and a brighter future for Haiti. And that’s something worth celebrating every single day!