In light of the current political climate in Haiti, we have adjusted our approach to supporting educational programs. Previously, our focus was on developing various programs to present in conjunction with our mobile medical clinics. For safety reasons, these mobile clinics are currently paused. We hope to resume clinic work once the resources become available, and in the meantime are looking to connect with new communities and complete needs assessments regarding possible future educational programs.

What we’re doing now:

  • Supporting the Haiti Medical Project‘s Mothers Clubs Program, which provides quality care and education for pregnant women and mothers of children under 2 years, in order to reduce maternal mortality rates and foster health and nutrition for children.
  • Finding ways to provide educational resources to communities impacted by gang presence.

What we hope to do in the future:

  • Create Health Education Scholarships to support Haitian citizens who plan to attend nursing or medical school. Recipients must commit to contribute to the Haiti Medical Project after graduation

  • Resume our development of education programs with the Haiti Medical Project, which will equip locals to care for their own health. These programs will include preventative health and hygiene, nutrition education, and basic first aid.