Publicly advocating for Haitian communities is central to 3P’s mission. Read below to learn more about our advocacy priorities.


1. Raise Funds

…to heighten awareness and gather resources. Our current priorities are seeking monthly supporters (personal and business) and hosting the annual “Hit the Streets for Haiti 5k.”

2. Support the Haiti Medical Project

…as they seek to meet critical health needs in Haiti. All funding beyond 3P’s base operating costs will directly benefit programs run by the Haiti Medical Project. These projects include:

2.1. School Nurse Program, which supplies nurses to local schools whose students are without adequate health care.

2.2. Water Purification Program, which seeks to provide sustainable solutions for clean water in Haitian communities.

2.3. Mothers Clubs Program, which provides quality care and education for pregnant women and mothers of children under 2 years, in order to reduce maternal mortality rates and foster health and nutrition for children.