Samantha Tauscher


3P embodies many of the hopes and changes I wish for underserved areas of the world. The vision of this group parallels my own beliefs in compassion, service, and utilizing the gifts of a few to help many.

I am currently a resident at Jefferson’s dual Emergency-Internal Medicine program in Philadelphia. I participate in community outreach when I can, and value the support our program provides for underserved populations. I hope to pursue a fellowship in Critical Care medicine and use this knowledge to better serve the people of Haiti. In my spare time, I enjoy running, hiking, snowboarding, traveling, and reading.

I am thrilled to be a part of this organization and compassionately help the people of Haiti. I have drawn many parallels between our mission as a non-profit and the current healthcare treatments in the United States, and one thing has remained strong: the commitment to helping others across all areas of healthy living.