Leigha Tosh



I’m excited to be a part of 3P because I think the mission is completely God-honoring. To be able to make a positive impact in communities of the world that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to impact is not something to take lightly!

I’m an occupational therapist in a public school district as well as a virtual franchise owner through Juice Plus. I also serve as the worship Leader at my church, the current 3P public relations director, and the owner/writer of thecanadianswife.com blog. In my free time I enjoy sewing and spending time with my dog, Moose. I LOVE giraffes and VW camper vans. My husband is a Canadian citizen. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have traveled to England, Australia, Thailand, Germany, Canada, Mexico, and St. Lucia.

I’m so excited that 3P will be able to educate community members that will be able to then share their knowledge with people around them. As an occupational therapist, teaching folks to be independent is my life’s work.