Aaron Acosta



I’m excited to learn, grow, and serve! When I decided to pursue medicine, I had a deep conversation with God. I didn’t know if I would be able to get to and through the difficult journey that is medical school. So I asked and asked and asked that if this is His will, that He would pave the way and help me follow it. With 3P, I have an unbelievable opportunity to be in a think tank with some of the most kind-hearted, intelligent, and downright awesome people who want to leave it all on the line and serve others. I’m ready to see how God can mold our hearts and use our hands to do His work.

In addition to my work as a medical student at Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine, I am a Road to Recovery Driver for the American Cancer Society. I provide people with safe, private, and reliable transportation to and from their treatments – something that many patients have trouble managing. This has been a growing and humbling experience, and I highly recommend it to anyone! When I lived in California I loved anything that had to do with the outdoors. I did everything: surfing, tennis, volleyball, hiking, camping, or walking around and exploring my city. If there was sunshine and good company, I was there! Now that I live in Michigan, during the long winters you can find me cozying up with a good spy novel, swimming laps at an (indoor) pool, or cooking meals out of my HelloFresh box. I also really, really, really, really love pizza.

One of the consequences of providing aid to others is enabling dependence. 3P recognizes that there’s a complex balancing act between giving and hurting. As the Director for Community Education and Development, my goal is to become a true partner with the communities we serve. I believe that our role in the first few years will be to listen and learn. We want to better understand the unique problems of the neighborhoods, identify local leaders, and collaborate with Haitians to develop sustainable solutions. I’m excited for 3P to build leaders, transfer our skills and knowledge transferred to the Haitians, and watch them utilize those skills in their own unique way.